FaceHugger Cake: Making process

Project: ‘FaceHugger Cake’  Making tasty celebration cake based on the delicious sci-fi horror Alien.


This isn’t a step by step ‘how to’ guide but I will be detailing some of the processes in the progress shots so you can get an idea of how the piece is put together.

It’s a piece of  cake!  (…sorry)


Now pop that sucker on there! Or rather, I placed the facehugger icing sculpture onto the cake and positioned it’s body and limbs around till i was happy with it.

So that’s it, hope it was informative for you at least, if you like this piece and or just want to know more about DystopiART you can go checkout my other strange celebration cakes, dystopian artworks, or commission something new @DystopiART.co.uk



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